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Bye insects

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Protect yourself from the most deadly animal!
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Ultra sound of insect attraction.

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Ruhiges Essen ohne Insekten


Pas de moustiques ou de mouches

Carol G.

Besser als ein Spray

Protect yourself from the most deadly animal, without using harmful chemicals...

Are you afraid of sharks, snakes or spiders? Most of us are. But there is another creature that is far more dangerous than all of those combined, and most of us don't even know it... If you're like us, then you've probably noticed more mosquitos recently?

That's because their swarms are on the rise. Warm seasons are lasting longer, which means they have more time to breed, multiply and feast... on you! Did you Know? Mosquitos actually need blood in order to make eggs. Without our blood, they cannot reproduce.

Not only are the viruses and diseases they can give you extremely dangerous, but even non-lethal bites frequently result in painful swelling and infection. Plus they are super annoying, aren't they? Just 1 buzzing around your bed can keep you awake all night. Scratching your bites for days afterwards sucks also.

The solution

Until now we've used sprays, candles and creams to keep them away. But none of these 'anti-mosquito' solutions actually protect for more than 19mins!  

Solutions containing 'DEET' - a hazardous, damaging chemical which can be both harmful to us and the environment - works best, but still only for 45mins maximum...

What are we talking about? Designed by two German engineers who were fed up with being bitten whilst camping. They found that the traditional anti-pest devices were all either using harmful chemicals or didn't work! It's called Byeinsect a brand new type of bug catcher/killer. It's perfect for clearing your home of all annoying and dangerous flying pests!

It’s stylish, easy to control and it can clear your home of dirty flies and dangerous mosquitos! People are using them to live 'mosquito free' - the results are incredible...

Really Work In Real Life?

We had some of our staff try it out in their homes. The results speak for themselves:

We get a LOT of flies and mosquitoes in the warm months. It means you can't sit outside in the evenings without being eaten alive and your food is crawling with dirty flies.

We used to use citronella candles. They did work a bit, the problem is these candles burnout after 15mins and the kids hate the strong smell of them.

Now we set up our Mosquitron nearby when we eat outside in the evening. The results are amazing - no flies, no mosquitos bothering us. We can finally enjoy outside eating again!

Main advantages:

  1. The design is both innovative and very effective. Instead of trying to keep the mosquitos away, it actually attracts them, then catches and kills them!

  2. No hazardous chemicals or smelly scents. Doesn't require recharging or replacing parts.

  3. Easy to use, low energy use and Lightweight and portable (just needs a USB battery source).

  4. Looks stylish and modern.

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