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The best-selling Wifi booster! 
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The best-selling Wifi booster!
Installing the iBooster is really simple.
This device costs much less than what you would pay for more megabytes or a stronger signal.
WPA2 encryption for a truly secure solution.

La conexión WIFI realmente ha mejorado.


Cela fonctionne et il est facile d'installer


Ich habe bereits WiFi im Zimmer!



Why should you have a Wifi booster? Discover the Best-Selling Model.

Nowadays, the internet is essential for every home. Not only for work, but also for leisure and entertainment. Ultimately, we use it 24/7, so our connection needs to be strong and available at all times.

The Importance of Being Connected

A good connection is more necessary than you may think. A proper signal is essential for simply watching a video or playing a videogame without outages. Now that streaming is how we watch videos and movies, wi-fi signals are getting maxed out more than ever. A video call or a download might be lost if you aren’t near the modem.

But, without a doubt, the most important factor is that we also need to be connected outside of the home, especially at work. A bad connection can cause many inconveniences. If you're using a cloud-based system, bad internet speeds could prevent the correct storing of files and documents. Online meetings and online communication systems, like Slack, need a fast and reliable signal to keep your team connected.

The Best Solution to your Internet Problems

Having a good signal amplifier is just as important as having internet installed in order to have a connection in your whole house. The iBooster amplifier is a device that will extend and boost your signal throughout your entire home.

This signal amplifier comes with some huge guarantees, as it is the best-selling Wifi booster on the market. It allows you to have a high speed connection anywhere in your home, avoid common connectivity issues and that feeling of desperation and frustration when the wi-fi goes out. Never fight about wi-fi usage with your family again and increase the productivity at your workplace.

Key Features

  1. Installation. You don’t have to worry about a complicated set up because the iBooster has a very simple installation. The entire process is done by software, so you won’t run into problems. You just have to plug it in and sync it with the WPS button, which will only take a few minutes. Don't forget that it’s portable. Sync it with any wi-fi signal.

  2. More powerful and intense. Another advantage is that it not only increases the intensity of the Wifi signal, but also its strength. This is a device that makes the signal stronger to reach every corner of the home or office. You can maintain your connection without having to move any furniture out of the way. In fact, this booster’s signal is able to go around these objects without having to rearrange them or make any alterations. No hassle!

  3. Secure and Practical. iBooster is a secure and practical option, as well as low-cost. These signal amplifiers have the latest technology in terms of security, with a WPA2 encryption to provide a truly secure solution that integrates perfectly into your environment and offers the best performance. You’ll never need to worry about someone stealing your signal or your device's data.

  4. Low-cost solution. This device costs much less than what you would pay for more megabytes or a stronger signal, so you are saving in the long term. Don't hand over more money to your internet provider that might be ripping you off!

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